Darulilm Masjid, established in 2012 in Eastham, East London, stands as a pillar for the local Muslim community. Devoted to fostering the religious education of our youth, we take great pride in the Madrassah, the educational arm of Darulilm Masjid.

Our Madrassah has been instrumental in imparting Islamic knowledge to numerous boys and girls, cultivating a profound understanding of their faith and providing guidance on its practical application in their lives.

Currently, Darulilm Masjid’s Madrassah welcomes over 30 students attending classes regularly from Monday to Friday, between 5 pm and 6:30 pm. Due to limited space, we have a substantial number of applications on the waiting list. This high demand underscores our anticipation of constructing a new masjid to accommodate more students and expand our services.

Our committed teachers diligently follow a comprehensive syllabus, ensuring that every child maximizes their benefits during their time at the Madrassah. The curriculum encompasses a diverse range of subjects, including Quran, Hifz, and Islamic studies.

The success of our esteemed Madrassah is a testament to the grace of Allah (SWT) and the unwavering dedication of our teachers. We invite you to embark on this journey of knowledge and spiritual growth with us at Darulilm Masjid’s Madrassah.